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Tips To Quickly Decorate A Guest Bedroom

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Occasionally you may have uninvited guests or guests that arrived last minute and you are not quite prepared. Whether you have a dedicated guest bedroom or you convert a room into one, here are a few tips to keep in mind to avoid being completely unprepared.

Fresh linens are a must. If you have spare linens, you should consider keeping a set in the closet for fast access and a quick change. When your guests leave, remove and wash the linens so that they are ready for the next time you have guests arriving. In the meantime try placing dryer sheets or a sachet between linens to keep them smelling great.

Keep a clean comforter and a blanket or a throw on hand. Don't completely make the bed, a turned down bed with a blanket draped on the edge is more inviting and makes your guest feel more comfortable. Make sure you have extra bedding and show your guests where they are located should the need arise.

If readily available, ensure that your guests have a place to hang and store their clothing. A closet, at least one nightstand, a clothes hamper and a chest of drawers are ideal. A comfortable chair, a rocking chair or recliner will allow your guests to sit back and relax without having to go straight into bed.

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Think of things that would make your stay an enjoyable one. Perhaps a few candles are a great touch, but sometimes this can be overpowering so select the scents wisely. A few additional ideas might include a carafe with glasses that can be filled upon their arrival. A basket filled with travel-sized toiletries in the bath, a vase with flowers and top it all off with a few books and magazines for relaxing.

To go one step beyond the usual, if you know your guests well and have a good idea of their personal interests, then you can include little touches that tie into those interests. If there is something they love to do or places they love to go in the area then leave books, magazines or maps. If you know they love chocolates, leave a small basket filled with a variety of chocolates that they can chose from. These are just a few ideas to help ensure that your guests feel comfortable and enjoy their stay.

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