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Creating Your Own Headboard

One of the most important rooms in a home is the bedroom and within that bedroom the bed and bedding are the focal point of the room. There is nothing wrong with a standard headboard that came with your bedroom set but if you do not have one or like to be creative and design your own, the possibilities are endless and rewarding.

Photo courtesy of Nature_PhotoNut
One headboard that comes to mind is a picket fence headboard. Aligning two horizontal boards, position wooden slats across with uniform spacing and fastened together with wood glue and short screws. The final shape of the headboard is entirely up to you. To complete the project you need to select a color or style. For example, different colors on each picket is a great idea for a kids room, brilliant white for a classic elegant look, distressed lighter colors are ideal for a coastal or cottage style.

Creating your own headboard will not only save you money but will give you a sense of accomplishment, something you are proud of. There is a certain rewarding feeling you get when you can create and enjoy something made by your own two hands. There are quite a few ideas to toss around. Some require more work than others while others can be more expensive.

Photo courtesy of Restyled Home
Building a padded headboard is not only a popular project choice but a fairly simple one that has a big impact on the decor. There are a few ways to get started, one is by using your existing headboard, purchasing a used plain headboard and another possibility is by completely building one from raw wood, a great way to go if you are handy and have the extra time.

Here are a few other ideas to get ideas from: incorporate bookcases, old doors, large picture frames or mirrors, a unique painting on the wall behind the bed, shutters or even old wooden pallets. If you can think it, its likely that you can create it to be stylish. Regardless of the type you select, you will end up with a headboard that is far from boring.

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